Limb Restoration


The rehabilitation of upper and lower Extremities in Body Health Clinic, takes place in a fully equipped gym with the following exercise equipment:

  1. Isokinetic Dynamometer, CPM
  2. Proprioception Platform
  3. Vibrafit (Vibration)
  4. Treadmill Gait
  5. Walking Bars
  6. Ergometric Bicycle
  7. Gravity Training System
  8. Elliptical
  9. Home Gyms
  10. Stepper
  11. Trampoline
  12. Swedish Balls
  13. Pulleys
  14. Wheel
  15. Daktylieres
  16. Pronation, Supination

All of the exercise equipment and therapeutic rehabilitation in Body Health Clinic is made with respect to the principles of the musculoskeletal system and are used in individual programs which run under the supervision of a physiotherapist, providing maximum recovery in a fast and safe manner.

All programs of muscle strengthening and physical conditioning are personalized based on the study of the patient’s pathology.