The TRX is a versatile fitness equipment with a huge variety of multi-level exercises (in three dimensions), functional workouts (functional training) performed solely by the weight of the body.


The fact that during the exercises you are in the air and hold yourself from the strap has the greatest benefits in terms of power balance and muscle hypertrophy. Because of the unstable environment of training, the strength of the torso and particularly in the abdominal area while the strength of the joints is boosted without burdening. Most exercises done with the help of TRX involve more than one muscle group (compound exercises) thus sharply increases the production of testosterone and growth hormone which maximizes fat burning and muscle hypertrophy.

It can be used by all groups of the population regardless of sex and age since a slight modification of the position of the body can adjust to the exercises depending on the level of the practitioner from fairly easy to extremely demanding for advanced athletes.


The duration of the exercise is about an hour and includes several combinations of aerobic and dynamic exercises covering all muscle groups. The workout also includes the mobilization of joints and the spinal column along with the related muscle groups. The result is to improve the quality of everyday life because of the agility, speed, strength and enhanced reflexes.