The vibration platform is a great alternative for the quick recovery of patients with musculoskeletal and neurological problems. The immediate improvement of blood circulation, the increased muscle strength and flexibility and the better range of motion, decrease muscle spasm and provides a quicker recovery.

Increased fat burning

The metabolism is increased thanks to the Vibrafit platform; the specific workout leads to an improved fat burning process while increasing the basic metabolism. As a result, the layers of adipose tissue are reduced as well. The best blood supply with the help of massage can help local fat reduce in problematic zones.

Cellulite and aesthetics

The massage with the Vibrafit relieves from stiffness, breaks down fat cells and leads to better mobility of tissue layers. The reduction of cellulite in combination with the restructuring of connective tissue significantly improves the image of the skin. Even the facial musculature is stimulated while Collagen fibers are being stored.

Rapid muscle growth


If you train with the Vibrafit platform, you will achieve an exercise of almost 100% of all muscle fibers in all muscle groups! Also, the maximum strength and endurance strength grow significantly.


Huge time saver


With the simultaneous stimulation of a large number of muscle groups you achieve within a period of 10 minutes the same results you would achieve within a time frame of 1 to1.5 hours of hard training in the gym.

Increasing mobility


The intense blood supply, heating and the reflective stretching of tendons restore the natural elasticity of our body while relieving the muscles from stiffness.


Activation of blood circulation


When exercising with the Vibrafit platform the muscles are supplied with more blood (up to 50 times per second), which reaches up to the smaller vessels. In this way essential nutrients are transported faster while the harmful ones are removed. The result is faster regeneration.


Improving coordination


The simultaneous stimulation of sensors throughout the body improves coordination of various muscle groups. In addition, the reflexes and the sense of balance are improved immediately.


More durability


With the improvement of muscles the system that supplies the body with nutrients  are activated more strongly and therefore the heart benefits as well.