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Why choose BEMER?

How important is your Health?

• The BEMER therapy can be used during leisure time for both children and adults.
• The BEMER therapy stimulates blood circulation in the smaller blood vessels and improves the supply and disposal of toxins produced by human organs and tissues.
• A wide range of various age groups can benefit from it.
• For many years research around the BEMER therapy has achieved great results in the regulation of biorhythms of local and external flows in the microcirculation.
• The core technology behind the BEMER therapy is a multidimensional signal structure, which effectively stimulates the limited or defective microcirculation. Therefore, it supports the most important regulatory mechanisms of the human body , the procedures for the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and regeneration.
• The BEMER application doesn’t deal only with the symptoms (namely ” the tip of the iceberg ” ), but it deals with the cause and support of the natural self-regulatory body , hence maintaining health.
• This is achieved by improving the energy supply to the cells, after an application of the electromagnetic field.
• Also it provides protection against the harmful effects of the environment and simultaneously enhances the natural defense mechanisms of the body.

Trust the BEMER therapy!!!


We present a method that helps in maintaining health and preventing diseases.

The BEMER method has proved to stimulate the limited or impaired circulation in the human body with an effective multidimensional signal.
This way it activates the healing mechanism of the body while supporting and controlling all important functions.By using 2 applications of 8 minutes a day and an evening program we ensure the well-being and vitality required by modern life styles, while a holistic health improvement is also noticed.
The results of this method are not ephemeral but noticeable and long lasting.

For many years now BEMER devices have become necessary for many champions and high performance athletes.
The BEMER device increases microcirculation and significantly improves the flow of blood. Muscle cells receive more oxygen and nutrients. The supply of energy and the removal of metabolic waste are significantly improved. Also, the athletic ability, after racing or exercising, may be restored at a faster pace.
Prof. Dr. med. Winfried Banzer from Frankfurt : ” The improvement of microcirculation via BEMER application has a critical effect on fitness and training programs of athletes . ”
Sports & Recreation
The Bemer technology has a positive influence on health and promotes a clear improvement of the sleeping process. The BEMER therapy increases the general feeling of well-being, our ability to performe well and ultimately our quality of life. In other words, it covers all the necessary conditions needed to live the most of our free time and be able to enjoy all the pleasurable activities of life.With the formation of the new signal for sleeping, new horizons opened to athletes. It creates a complete refreshed and detoxified body with more energy, wellness and endurance.
Laboratory results prove its effectiveness. The measurements of CK [(creatine kinase) also known as CPK (creatinephosphokinase)] are at the level of the minimum physiological parameters; the liver enzymes are in normal levels. Also the joining of erythrocytes is prevented.

How does BEMER therapy work?


The technology of BEMER is the best researched and most effective natural method of therapy. It takes place in the thinner and extensive network of smaller blood vessels. In essence, BEMER is effective wherever necessary.The BEMER technology acts in the area of microcirculation, which is the largest part of the circulatory system. For many years, research around the BEMER has achieved great results in the regulation of biorhythms of local and external flows in the microcirculation system. The core technology behind BEMER is a multidimensional signal structure, which effectively stimulates a limited or defective microcirculation. Therefore, it supports the most important regulatory mechanisms of the human body, the processes responsible for prevention mechanisms, treatment, recovery and regeneration.


A healthy body has the ability to heal itself

The improvement of microcirculation is the key of success for the BEMER therapy.
The transmitted signal (produced by BEMER) is the only one whose results are backed   up by scientific explanations and proofs. The following data are the most important results of the BEMER signal in humans and animals:
• It increases the supply of oxygen and energy (ATP), with the aid of microcirculation
• It supports the self-regulatory mechanisms of the body, activating the cellular and molecular processes
• It increases the formation of natural substances protecting the body against free radicals
• It strengthens the body’s defenses by improving the behavior of white blood cells

Unlike the therapeutic approach of conventional medicine, the BEMER device usually does not cure diagnosed symptoms. Nowadays, scientific research has shown that the symptoms are just the “tip of the iceberg.” The core of most diseases lies much deeper; disturbances of molecular processes involved in natural regulatory mechanisms of the body, which in turn reduce the proper functioning of cells and organs. This is where the BEMER works. Its proactive approach ensures that the symptoms will not arise and in the case of potential diseases they will be addressed at their root.

New discoveries in medicine.

Scientists are developing a natural healing process to cure many diseases and painful conditions.The “miracle cure” is still a big dream of mankind. However, the ambitious and visionary scientists are closer than ever to realizing this dream.
In the institute of microcirculation in Berlin, the head of the research team, Dr. Rainer Klopp, managed to make a pioneering step after seven years of research.
Based on the new findings about one of the most important natural regulatory mechanisms, the research team developed a natural healing process, which selectively responds to certain regulatory mechanisms in the human body and affects them in a positive manner.
The blood that flows through smaller blood vessels is researched by the researchers of Berlin, who gathered around Dr. Rainer Klopp, using the relevant regulation mechanism.

This so-called microcirculation is functionally the most important part of the human circulation system and is responsible for critical transfer functions. It provides tissues and organs with oxygen and nutrients while removing waste products of metabolism and promoting the immune system. A limited or dysfunctional microcirculation allows cells to age faster and this is the cause of many conditions of ill health, as well as diseases and delayed recovery procedures.

The miracle of man
The heart circulatory system is a term that most people are familiar with.
About 15,000 liters of blood are pumped daily around the human body. The total length of the blood vessels is 100,000 kilometers.
About 74 % of the blood flow occurs in the microcirculation: small arteries, capillaries and venules.
The heart alone cannot produce this pumping capacity .
First, through the natural rate of change in vasomotion, enables and controls the distribution of blood across the giant network of capillaries and in the stream area.
In a healthy person the moves of vasomotion take place in a three times (per minute)cycle.
But to those who are sick it happens only once every ten minutes.
In order to improve the feeling of wellbeing and to achieve health , this very low ” pulse ”  must be stimulated or standardized.

Recorded performance held by medical research.
This stimulation or stabilization of the pulse has been achieved by the research group of Dr. Rainer Klopp: using a natural, multidimensional signal structure , which resembles an external pacemaker, reduced or dysfunctional microcirculation can revive effectively. Therefore, this new technology fully supports with highly effectiveness and without side effects one of the most important mechanisms of body regulation for prevention as well as rehabilitation treatment and regeneration.
Also, there is new hope for chronic diseases, as well as for cases where all treatment options have been exhausted.

This technology can be applied only with the equipment of the new generation BEMER.
This equipment is used in various practices, clinics, and homes and will set new standards for modern medicine.
Whether used for prevention or as a complementary application during a treatment of a disease, success of treatment is amazing and documented in many studies.
The engines of treatment are medically confirmed and their results are scientifically documented and widely recognized.
The ΒΕΜΕΡ signal

The unique effectiveness of the applied method makes all the difference. The BEMER signal has been applied therapeutically for many years with great success. The BEMER impulse is unique in relation to the special broadband frequency spectrum, and used only in the BEMER system.

Dr. Rainer Klopp, Senior Consultant and Head of the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin, has achieved to optimize the BEMER signal even more. Besides the previously known physiological effects, the BEMER activates vasomotion of blood vessels at a much greater extent than the traditional BEMER signal. Vasomotion refers to rhythmic oscillations of vascular diameter of arterioles and small arteries which plays a vital role in the distribution of blood to the tissues.

The benefits of BEMER
1. Significantly increased activation of vasomotion.

2. Regarding the intensity and duration manifold increase in functionally important characteristics of microcirculation :

• Improvement in spontaneous arterial vasomotion by 27 %
• Increase in venous oxygen utilization by 29 %
• Increase in the rate of venous flow by 31%
• Increase in perfusion hubs RBCs by 29 %

3. Greater benefits to the user , in terms of fitness, as well as preventive and therapeutic effects .