The treatment of Myovision lasts only 90 seconds; it is completely safe, painless and non-invasive. With the aid of thermography the temperature is recorded on the right and left parts of the spine. With the information shown on the monitor we can diagnose pain, trauma or imbalance in the spinal column. Hippocrates actually used a variant of this method with mud. He placed the mud along the spine in order to see which areas would dry faster; subsequently profuse blood circulation would exist beneath these areas.

The thermography is suitable for monitoring the autonomic nervous system. When measuring the temperature of the spine it should be nearly equal on both sides; if there is a temperature difference of more than 0.5 degrees there is problem of inflammation or edema and nerve pressure from potential herniated disc mesospondilioy. The results are immediate and visible to the patient via the monitor.

With the Myovision SEMG Scanvision (static surface electromyography) we study the voltage emitted by the muscles of the spine. The results show whether there is harmony between them, if not there there might be a possible dysfunction  depending various factors. Also we can see the progress of therapy at daily basis and how it reacts to the neuromusculoskeletal system of the body. The Myovision 3G Wirefree DynaRom is the ultimate tool to evaluate injured musculoskeletal system in motion. With charts that appear on monitors we can understand which muscle groups are in shortening or not.