Pro Adjuster

Pro Adjuster


In our physiotherapy center “Body and Health” we combine chiropractic with technology, offering one of the most exciting and advanced methods in the pro adjuster chiropractic. NASA uses the Pro Adjuster based technology, for safe and effective treatment of patients. It allows patients to be treated as used by classical chiropractic treatment but without any rotation or sudden movements of the head, or other parts of the spine.
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Pro Adjuster protocols have the ability to evaluate the muscles of the human body while finding and healing sore spots (trigger points) , as well as irritating acupuncture points. The credibility and effectiveness of the Pro Adjuster stem from the combination of evaluation– treatment – reevaluation whenever the patient visits the naturopathy Center. The results are recorded on a daily basis and are evaluated each time the patient receives a treatment with the Pro Adjuster from the therapist.



Pro Adjuster stands out from the rest of the therapy equipment because it has the ability to make an evaluation and analysis of the spine and joints in a unique way.

Problems such as backache, cervical syndrome, mild disc herniation, cervical headache, Vertigo, lightheadedness, aychenobrachionio syndrome, back pain, earache, gonalgia, hip pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, metegcheiridiaka problems of the spine and limbs, as well as sports injuries are treated now with Pro Adjuster.