Spine force


The Spine Force is a revolutionary method of functional mobilization of muscles and joints of the spine. It is a unique and patented (with diplomas) combination. Not only is a radically innovative machine for bodybuilding, but it is also excellent for improving coordination and control of the resistance. Its purpose is to combine concentration and balance, movement and posture during the development of muscular chains. The Spine Force is designed to promote a gradual work, for simple warm-up exercises up to intensive, general or specific training, even for the most experienced sportsmen.


The Spine Force guarantees the fast and effective REHABILITATION. It relieves muscular tension while strengthening and stretching the muscles from the very first session. The hand grips and the platform provide you with assessment, restoration and enhancement of the musculoskeletal system. In the upper part of the body the exercise is done using isometric contractions of the muscles, while the platform rumbles on 360 degrees to the left and the right.  At the same time, the patient tries to balance his body while focusing on the control panel for both the left and right movement that comes from the platform. Patients who use the Spine Force for 20-40 minutes feel like they have been working out for 1-2 hours at the gym.


The Spine Force is a rejuvenation machine for seniors as it improves mobility, balance, limb coordination, wellness and posture while reducing the appearance of the year with back pain, fatigue and inflexibility. In short it improves our quality of life.


Improved performance – Sports


The overall fitness and physical empowerment optimizes the performance of athletes and sports enthusiasts.

It exercises and gives strength and agility to weak muscles after an injury. More specifically, powerful controlled movements of the Spine Force depending on the problem reduces fatigue and the risk of injury and improves recovery time.


The Spine Force helps to prevent osteoporosis, it promotes muscle growth and it stimulates the body while creating a firm silhouette with a correct physical posture.

Is it useful?


-The Spine Force is the only machine in the world that can enhance the 180 muscles of the spine simultaneously.

-It assesses the muscular strength of the spine and the patient’s balance.

-It heals easily and quickly the symptoms of chronic back pain.

– Postoperative rehabilitation, Osfyikis-thoracic – cervical spine.

-Rehabilitation of sports injuries.

-Improves back pain and strengthening muscles.

-Improves scoliosis due to imbalance of the muscles (functional scoliosis)

-Prevents future injuries to the spine.

-Provides excellent mobilization and rehabilitation in patients with cerebral palsy. Strengthens the muscle groups, the balance of the patient and his ability to walk.