How can the system help DRX9000?

Degenerate and herniated discs are two of the most common causes of pain in the lower part of the waist. The DRX9000 system is specially designed to treat this type of cases.
It is a medical fact that damaged intervertebral discs seldom heal as the discs are under constant pressure. The system DRX9000, using clinically proven principles, relieves pressure on vital structures of the lumbar spine and spinal nerves, thereby reducing the pressure inside the discs.
In recent experiments, using magnetic resonance imaging before and after treatment with the system DRX9000, proved to hernias of the discs decreased from 10% to 90%. The extent of treatment depends on the number of sessions that were performed while the repair and healing of the rings was also evident. The researchers also found elevated water contents on the disk, or hydrate the core.
During normal operations, the pressure on the lumbar discs typically varies from 100mm / Hg to 300mm / Hg.
It has been shown by X-ray, the system increases the time DRX9000 disc until 7 mm per intervertebral space, providing a non-surgical decompression of the lumbar vertebrae.
The purpose of decompression is to reduce the pressure within the disc and facilitating the transfer of fluids, nutrients and oxygen in the tray. The reduction of intradiscal pressure-pressure within the disc-contributes to the restoration of the swelling or herniated disc and relieve pressure on the nerve. The breaks in the rings of the disc can be repaired and adequate amount of fluids and nutrients can be introduced to the core to reverse disc degeneration and collapse as a consequence of injury. The hydration of the nucleus of the disc can restore disc height, relieving pressure from the inflamed synovial upstream and downstream processes. The system aims DRX9000 not only in treating the symptoms but it is designed to relieve the underlying problems which cause pain in the lower portion of the waist and to facilitate normal healing of the discs.

Brief description of treatment with DRX9000

Initially adjusted to the patient two specific zones (an upper and lower) which are designed to direct the energy of the direct machine lumbar disc. The innovative air bubble in the lower zone helps to adjust and correct position of the lumbar spine for comfortable treatment. After mounting the belt, the patient lies supine slowly, while the bands associated with the central system.
By accurately and painlessly voltage applied by the computer, the specific lumbar level detached gently to reduce the pressure inside the trays. A typical daily session consists of many withdrawing cycles with a total treatment duration of approximately 45 min. Most patients will be relieved of their symptoms after 15 to 25 treatments, while the average number of treatments recommended is 20 sessions. Ideally, the sessions take place daily (Monday to Friday) and follow rest on Saturday and Sunday. The procedure causes no pain, is safe while being comfortable and relaxing for the patient.
A recent clinical study found that in 86% of patients using the DRX9000 system and had ruptured intervertebral disc achieved by good up to excellent results (50-100% improvement) in relief of sciatica and back pain by correcting damaged drives and reversing the dystrophic changes of nerves. In the same study, 75% of patients suffering from degeneration of upstream and downstream articular apophyses (facets) achieved from good to excellent results and through decompressive therapy system DRX9000.

Is this treatment right for me?

Clinical studies have demonstrated that after only a few weeks of treatment achieved outstanding results in relieving debilitating pain caused by the bulging, herniated, ruptured or degeneration of the discs, as well as sciatica, syndrome Facet, spinal stenosis and many cases of failed surgical in the middle. Most patients are able to return to normal activities in work and fun in just a few weeks time.
Treatment decompression DRX9000 system has proven to be safe and without side effects or complications. Patients with diseases of which compromised the integrity of the spinal column, such as extensive osteoporosis, over second-grade spondylolisthesis, fractures, tumors or congenital malformations, are not candidates for decompression therapy. Prior surgery makes no therapy DRX9000 prohibitive unless implanted in the middle, screws, rivets Others

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