About us 


The Βody health clinic is the new place of physiotherapy and was founded by Constantinos Georgilakis after 20 years of experience in the area of physical rehabilitation and therapy. The experienced scientific staff of the clinic combines the knowledge and many years of experience to help patients heal, while taking advantage of their physical abilities.




The numerous requirements along with the frantic pace of modern lifestyle have brought the human body to reach its limits on a psychoemotional and musculoskeletal level. Quite often, we become aware of incidents involving people of our wider environment, where excessive hours of work in conjunction with incorrect body posture lead to painful syndromes and diseases.




It is the third largest therapeutic science in the world, after medical and dental sciences. Chiropractic is a freelance industry associated with addressing and preventing painful syndromes and dysfunctional situations: due to the problems of the locomotor system and the impact these have on neurophysiological and ergonomic integrity of the human body.


Limb Restoration


All of the exercise equipment and therapeutic rehabilitation in Body Health Clinic is made with respect to the principles of the musculoskeletal system and are used in individual programs which run under the supervision of a physiotherapist, providing maximum recovery in a fast and safe manner. All programs of muscle strengthening and physical conditioning are personalized based on the study of the patient’s pathology.