The numerous requirements along with the frantic pace of modern lifestyle have brought the human body to reach its limits on a psychoemotional and musculoskeletal level. Quite often, we become aware of incidents involving people of our wider environment, where excessive hours of work in conjunction with incorrect body posture lead to painful syndromes and diseases.

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Many problems of the modern man can be solved by the science of physiotherapy which is known to gain scientific ground on a daily basis while enjoying the confidence of other disciplines of medical and paramedical areas, without being inferior.

What is physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is an ancient therapeutic approach to the physical problems of man. It is included in the field of health sciences and is recognized internationally as an emerging and dynamic science.  Physiotherapy is a recognized and independent  health profession, with clear and defined features, both in Greece and other countries of the western world. It is the most recognized and well-established science of conservative non-pharmaceutical treatment of various diseases. The description of “conservative treatment” describes and suggests the use of “soft”, non-invasive instruments and techniques. With the application of natural means such as various motion techniques, physiotherapy is trying to provide solutions to diseases and injuries, afflicting the human body and limiting the quality of life.
The term “natural means” describes the forms of energy or natural materials, which applied to the human body, causing various reactions. To exemplify, body movement, hot & cold temperatures, pressure, sound, electromagentism and electricity.

What is the subject of physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy provides numerous services to people while aiming at maintaining and restoring the motion and function of the human body in order to improve the quality of life for every patient. In particular, the health services produced by physiotherapy deal with cases where mobility and functional ability are threatened by injuries, illnesses or disorders, age or environmental factors. Furthermore, the basic intervention of the physiotherapist is to control the pain, which is the main factor behind limited mobility. The  functional independence of the individual is an essential prerequisite for the physical health.

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