Shortwave Diathermy

A high frequency Electrotherapy can be defined as the therapeutic use of the electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies greater than 300KIz, because the energy of the electromagnetic field is converted into thermal energy in the tissues of the human body. The treatment with short waves is a type of high frequency Electrotherapy.

In the treatment of short waves the electromagnetic energy can be transferred to the patient in two ways

Using the method of the capacitor

; Using the inductive method

By placing electrodes into:

A)    Transverse application B) elongated application C) parallel application


Effects on blood and lymphatic vessels

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The effect of shortwaves is important in the circulatory system, especially small arteries and capillaries which are dilated much more than in any other form of heat. Also, an enhanced movement of the lymph was found which increases circulation of tissue.

In conclusion, by applying low intensity and with treatment duration of approximately ten minutes we achieve the improvement of blood circulation. Conversely, greater intensity for a longer period of time gives us opposite results. For example, vasoconstriction and decreased blood flow.


To summarize, with the implementation of the Short wave diathermy we have a positive effect on blood circulation which is attributed to an expansion of all vessels and is accompanied by an equivalent increase in lymphatic flow.

The leucocytosis along with the increased diffusion capacity of leukocytes and the increased phagocytosis in conjunction with local hyperemia; the increased supply of O2, electrolytes and antibodies, along with the increase of metabolism are important elements that help the body’s defense system against inflammations.

Effects on metabolism;

Effects in the central nervous system



Quick wound healing;

Fast reduction of pain;

Quick absorption of swellings and hematomata

Fast bone healing of wounds;

Activation of peripheral blood circulation




Water arthritis

Ankylosing spondylitis (of Bechterew)




Muscular rheumatism-Myalgia (acute-chronic phase)

Muscular Pains




Sciatic syndrome (acute stage)

Sciatica (chronic phase)

Degenerative joint disease of the spine

Acute-chronic frontal sinusitis

Tenontothylakitida (with or without calcification)


Also in dermatology-dentistry-Gynecology. All in all, the treatment of shortwave Diathermy is successful in the following cases:


1. Arthropathies

2. Neuralgias

3. Neyritides

4. Headaches caused by vasomotor disturbances, muscular hypertonia and several such cases where pain is the main symptom.




1. Malignancies

2. Pacemaker

3. Pregnancy

4. Tuberculosis

5. Fever

6. Rheumatoid arthritis




1. Metal implants

2. Hypoesthesia

3. Severe blood abnormality such as atherosclerosis-thrombosis etc.

4. Heart Diseases