Electrotherapy (T.E.N.S.)

Electrotherapy (T.E.N.S.)


It is known that Electrotherapy is one of the most important methods of physiotherapy. Nowadays, the science of Bioelectronics is widely used and the results of the treatment method necessitates not only in orthopedic and neurological conditions but almost in the whole spectrum of medicine.

There are many kinds of currents and are applied depending on the condition


  • Analgesics streams TENS
  • Faradic streams-new faradic
  • Diadinamika currents
  • Galvanic currents
  • Pulsed
  • Russian stimulation
  • Traebert current
  • Iontophoresis
  • Crosscurrents

Biofeedback (bio-feedback is a therapeutic process using specific electronic or electrical equipment to measure and to elaborate, information via an acoustic or visual signal.)

  • Inenferential
  • High voltage


The TENS method consists of analgesic currents and are used in cases of injuries and ailments that are accompanied by pain such as: tendonitis, arthritis, ligament and muscle injuries, fractures, ligament injuries, cervical syndrome, lumbago, sciatica, peripheral nerve injuries etc.

Also, the muscle-irritation currents are suitable for preventing muscular and degenerative lesions of muscle tissue after prolonged immobilization like the one that occurs in cases of elderly people.