Cryotherapy is an established and reliable method that is known for nearly 100 years. Until today, this method involves the process in which a metal head at very low temperature (0 to-10), is applied to the patient. The points on which the method is applied are (trigger points in pulled muscles etc.) Likewise, cryotherapy produces cold air at-30 degrees Celsius and achieves excellent results in combating inflammation and swellings, but also it fights the pain in a way that can’t be matched by simple application  the usual cold compresses.

The CryoMaster ICE-CI device sets new standards in cryotherapy. The innovative Biofeedback system not only measures the temperature of the targeted area but also it adjusts air flow automatically by controlling temperature and keeping it at a constant rate throughout the duration of treatment.



Indicative applications :

Rehabilitation from diseases such as: sprains, tendonitis, sciatica, lumbago, swellings, aychenikes disease, Rheumatoid diseases, neurological disorders, orthopedic sports injury incidents etc.

The application of device features is impressive:

  • Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing.

The device is a caster, suitable for treatment with continuous delivery of cold air (1000 Lt/min to 10 levels) to – 32nd C.


Indicative applications: rehabilitation of disorders, such as: sprains, tendonitis, sciatica, lumbago, swellings, cervical spine disorder, Rheumatoid diseases, neurological disorders, sports injuries, orthopedic incidents etc.



The kryotur 600 is preferably used for cooling of joints, pain relief, and for assisting other healing procedures.

The healing and pain relief effect of cryotherapy is based mainly on thermal Neuro-physiological stimulation , muscular, nervous and vascular system. The specific cold therapy can be adjusted in the range from + 12 ° C to-10 ° C.

A specially designed Cryo-cuff may be applied for cooling with constant temperature in the surface of various joints and muscle groups.

In addition, it is possible to connect with a cooling head for short cycle icing in certain places, and in extension with an Electrotherapy unit, for a combined therapy of cold-treatment and different versions of stimulant currents applied through the cold head and an electrode plate.

Indications for use:


* & Rheumatology internal medicine: Myalgies, myalgies, chronic rheumatic Polyarthritis, arthritis, etc.


* Orthopedic, Surgical sports medicine &: dislocations, distortions, bruising, pre and post-operative discomfort, arthritis, arthrosis, postoperative care, muscle injuries,

Fiber rupture, myoperitoneal syndrome, etc.


* Neurology: Neuralgia, jerking muscle reactions (apoplexy, transverse syndrome), root compression syndrome (ischialgiae), inomialgia, etc.