Physiotherapy of upper and lower extremities

Circulator of upper and lower extremities


Circulator of extremities

The treatment of limb movement (leg-press therapy) is a valid therapeutic method for strengthening the right venous circulation, reducing muscle tension caused by stress or chronic or acute pain; the special pressing action helps in venous return, increasing the provision of tissues and physical renewal.

The treatment of limb movement can solve the problem of blood-stagnation in damaged vessels, or on parts of the body that don’t receive an adequate perfusion. External pressure helps the surplus of liquids to return more easily in normal circulation, to eliminate properly and quickly, thereby helping the proper functioning of the lymphatic system. Indicated for patients with signs of venous stagnation, venous insufficiency, varicose veins and dietary alterations and in all cases where there is poor venous circulation caused by tiredness and fatigue.

Main applications:

  • Lymphatic massage therapy
  • Passive compression for venous disorders
  • Postoperative treatment in cases of venous-thrombosis
  • Venous ulcer treatment
  • Post-Mastectomy discharge (by draining the arm)
  • Hematomata treatment after plastic surgery
  • Anti-kyttaritidiki treatment in early stages
  • Tired feet
  • Recovery of muscle tone in immobilized patients or people with special needs (in this case, the leg-press therapy replaces the classic massage treatments available)


The limb circulator Q6000 consists of the main device with the pump, double investment for the feet with 6 booths in each one, connecting pipes, 2 insoles, abdominal belt, links, and armbands with links.


Alphanumeric display of output power (maximum 20%) ± mmHg 217 and time of application

(2) Layers of lining for the feet (6 cubicles)

(3) Connection Tubing

(4) Foot Insoles

(5)  Extensions for lining in the legs

(6) Connection Tubing

(7) Armband (6 cubicles)

(8) The abdominal belt (6 cubicles)