The magnetotherapy is the most modern, safe, painless and effective means of natural medicine. It Is done with the use of electromagnetic devices that are placed in the painful areas of the body. The magnets generate millions of dynamic lines on the body and these, in turn, generate a weak electrical current which has a profound effect on the blood circulation, muscles, nervous and defensive system, etc. How can magnetotherapy be useful?

Enables better blood circulation, resulting in faster travel of essential nutrients and oxygen at various body parts even in those that are most difficult to be reached by blood such as cartilage in the knees.

It helps balance the PH in the body which is significantly imbalanced due to various toxins; in other words high acidity and low levels of oxygen.

It helps the metabolism of the cell, i.e. The conversion of sodium in potassium which is the source of energy for every cell of the body.

Because of the activated oxygen  the body doesn’t oxidize and neutralizes free radicals.

It stimulates the glands to produce hormones.

Advantages of magnetotherapy.

  • The use of magnets does not cause addiction.
  • Magnetotherapy doesn’t emit radioactivity or any other form of harmful radiation.
  • It has no side effects as it is a physical mean.
  • It can be used by everyone regardless of gender or age.
  • It is combined with any other treatment.

Absolute contraindications: patients with cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators. During pregnancy. In patients with epilepsy. In patients with metal prostheses after an orthopedic surgery.

Indications for physical therapy: a powerful anti-inflammatory and painkilling action, faster healing burns and ulcers atonal speeding fracture repair rapid response in cases of sports injuries, significant relief in rheumatic diseases