The ultrasonic high-frequency acoustic waves is not perceived by hearing, yielded by thermal and non-thermal physiological processes. The ultrasound is transmitted through tissue in longitudinal waves with healing frequencies 1 MHz or 2 MHz. The ultrasound energy is  transmitted through the tissue like a high parallel broadcast with a non-uniform distribution of intensity. The ultrasounds are transmitted to the tissues with two modes: continuous pulse with mainly thermal results, though in low tension they can be mechanical, and intermittent mechanical mainly broadcast results. The therapeutic ultrasound, when applied in biological tissue, can cause clinically significant changes in cells and tissues; through its thermal effects it causes warming of tissue and through engineering results it causes small-vibrations.

The fonoforesi is a technique by which we seek the importation of drugs by use of ultrasound in the tissues.

The clinical application of ultrasound, often used in conjunction with other forms of treatment including hot & cold compresses or electrical currents.


-The 3 MHz is used for treating outer layers of the body (skin and FAT).

-The 2 MHz is useful for treating muscle.

-1 MHz is suitable for treating tendons and bones.