Biofeedback is a modern method of treatment, measurement and retraining aimed at improving or mastering the skills of our body or our thinking. This is the ability to recognize one’s normal reactions so as to alternate them. Notice that it does not differ from the training in playing piano or tennis. Through this training we are able to recognize our own unique psychophysical abilities while at the same time we learn how to control them to our benefit.

The technique of Biofeedback is associated with stimulation. We all know that after an intense activity its necessary to return to a state of relaxation. If for any reason our body remains in the state of tension for a long time without periods of rest, then it collapses. This collapse results in painful symptoms or chronic diseases. The Biofeedback system intervenes in this cycle by training the patient to relax while granting the body the ability to return to a resting state. Subsequently, the final result is the reduction or even removal of the symptoms.

Another important application of the Biofeedback method is the rehabilitation of injuries in both the central and peripheral nervous system. This is achieved with the aid of the Biofeedback monitor which interacts with the patient’s ability to increase the tension of the program according to his own will.


The Biofeedback method applies to physiotherapy in the following situations:-Muscle spasticity (e.g. hemiplegia):

– Activate weak muscles (e.g. in patients suffering from orthopedic injuries such as: fractures, or surgery, in patients with peripheral motor nerve damage, in hemiplegic patients for activation of antagonistic muscles of cerebral palsy)

– Dropfoot [paresis (weakness) of foot joint and toes after lumbar disc herniation, Level 04-05].