Hilterapia® is an innovative laser treatment designed and developed in Italy, but has already been recognized by the Food and Drugs Administration of the United States (F.D.A.).

It is a pulsed Neodymium-YAG laser which emits light with a wavelength of 1064 NM in the infrared and differs from the usual laser because of its ability to act in depth.

It should be noted that as the bright radiation penetrates the tissues it loses a part of its initial intensity, either because it is partly dissipated or because it transmits its energy to the tissues. This means that a greater amount of energy is necessary in order to reach the deeper skin layers with the risk however to “overcharge” the outer layers of tissue.

In essence, the effort to transfer the light radiation towards the inner layers of tissue, through the increase of power, entails the risk of hyperdermia and hypodermia.

Fortunately, this obstacle has been overcome thanks to hilt® (High Intensity Laser Therapy) technology in which the light is emitted in a pulse-frequency and not in a continuous stream.

The HILTERAPIA method is indicated in patients with:

(a) Cervical syndrome,
(b) Back pain
(c) Carpal tunnel syndrome,
(d) Frozen shoulder and,
(e) Sports injuries such as: pulled muscles (knee ligament injuries, lateral and collateral ligament injury, ruptured and torn meniscus, torn shoulder ligament injury, ankle injury-rapture, ligament injury and other joints, tendonitis, epicondylitis and degenerative cartilage situations (chondropatheies, post-traumatic arthritis).
It should be noted that in all cases as outlined above and in particular to sports injuries, with the HILTERAPIA therapy, the rehabilitation of the patient is achieved in half of the overall estimated time, while this form of therapy can be applied from the first moment of injury for even faster results. In addition,  the laser HIRO, wich is used in the HILTERAPIA method, is particularly effective in situations of degenerative cartilage such as in knee osteoarthritis; this is possible because it is the only remedy which can cause regeneration of the flint cartilage.