L. A.S. E. R. = Light Amplification by Stimulated emission of radiation, means more light with stimulating (forced) radiation. The HPL B Power device is a state of the art advanced LASER unit (cartwheel-enabled and similar to hospital equipment). Its conception and construction completely satisfies the requirements for analgesia, with anti-inflammatory and healing action, having wide application in physiotherapy.

1. Soothing action. Because of the influence on the composition of endorphin.

2. Apoidimatiki – Anti-inflammatory action. Due to the increase of this prostaglandin and convert this into prostacyclin analogue.

3. Increase blood circulation because of dilation of small arterioles and capillaries. This has resulted in further oxygenation of all body.

4. A variation of the hydrostatic pressure within blood vessels and greater absorption of tissue fluid.

5. Quick restoration or re-establishment blood vessels.

6. Increase of cellular metabolism, toxin removal, carbon dioxide and other waste products. Activation of electrolytic cell protoplasm exchanges. Relaxation of muscle spasms.

7. Stimulate the synthesis of collagen and proteins in skin cells.

8. Increased epithelial activity and tissue Exchange activity. Proliferation of fibroblast in the area of trauma and high durability and elasticity of the skin.

9. Increase the resistance of nerve cells.

10. Increase osteogenesis resulting in bone healing fractures.

11. Activation and stimulation of immunological antibody production increase mechanisms and DNA – R.N.A.

12. In summary, finally, we increase the phagocytosis function, increased functionality of enzymes, bitaminwsi and antibacterial action, just to name some of the beneficial effects of laser restoration.



The LASER has equally good results in

  • -Skin Sores.
  • -Ligament Injuries (e.g. Lacerations, stretching etc)
  • -Tendon Injuries (e.g. Lacerations)
  • -Muscle injuries (e.g. Muscles, stretching etc) 

Are there any risks? 

Categorically no, in any case. Protective glasses needed only when using laser Al with great force > 500 MW. During laser treatment, the patient can get the various medicinal preparations that his doctor has recommended.