Many of you have heard about the benefits of classical acupuncture and many more have been cured. Acupuncture literally means “to penetrate with a needle” in acupuncture points located under the skin, from a few millimeters up to10 cm. The needles are left in each acupoint to act, usually for a few minutes and in some cases for a couple of days.

Dr. Reinhold Voll discovered 30 years ago or more, the electroacupuncture. The doctor discovered a method to measure the energy-content of acupuncture points. The electroacupuncture has much more advantages than the classical acupuncture. It has a measurement process and turns the invisible energy into visible so as to be measured based on the scale of the elecroacupuncture device.


The classic acupuncture no longer offers help when the disease has led to a significant loss of vital energy.

In this case, the elecroacupuncture can balance the loss of energy with a possible recharge. With the biological power- frequencies and natural frequencies we give energy to the patient with two electrodes that are held by his hands. After the method is applied the patient really feels his “atoms” being charged and refreshed.The charge is applied to each acupuncture point in the same manner.

Another advantage of this embodiment is that the method of electropuncture provides the exact energy dose needed by the patient; or it removes it automatically. The practitioner replaces the traditional needle with a rounded-nose electrode of about 2mm; similarly, the patient holds in hand an electrode. The arm-electrode is connected to the negative pole and the pencil-acupuncture to the positive terminal of the device. Acupuncture points are located exactly because of different reactions from the rest of the body. These points are located a few millimeters below the skin. Thus, this method is guaranteed to find the acupuncture points.

The electroacupuncture take into account (besides the classical acupoints) a number of other new trigger points. Therefore, it can directly affect the equivalent organs. Simultaneously, it measures the total energy state of the body and helps in balancing energy shortage or surplus eg. In patients with inflammation.

In general, it can be said that this is not a “fuel tank”, but it is used for the general bioelectric power which is none other than the power supplied to assist the method of electroacupuncture . This availability of power, gives far more than the necessary boost that balances the distributed energy in the body, leading to self-healing. So the current of 10HZ is added to the Bioenergy of the atom and contributes through the electromechanical transformation in the protection from ‘inert atrophy “( muscle degeneration and reduction thereof). In what way is that possible?  Trillion cells are stimulated in the process of renewal. We must not forget that every cell in our body has a powerful stream of vital capacity and regulates its own balance. The electroacupuncture gives the required stimulus for better mood and energy availability, which is needed by all cells to balance the PH value.

Every biological event that occurs in our body happens due to 3 basic forces


1 Electricity


2 Magnetism


3 Radio-Dynamic energy


The harmonious existence between the forces on the human body, ensures the correct heart rate, the total operating capacity of the body, nerves and blood system. The less the bioelectric potential of the body the weaker is the ability to fight the conditions of weakness and disease.