PAPIMI (TM) Ion Magnetic Conductor

It belongs in the same category with the devices of Nikola Tesla and D ‘ Arsonval, which became very popular at the beginning of the previous century, conquering every hospital and Medical Center, because of the amazing and multiple indications and effects offered.

Subsequently, these devices were called Shortwave Diathermy devices for deep heat infiltration, and they were also used  as elecrosurgical diathermy units with the purpose of surgical needs.

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The modern scientific term for these devices is: “pulsed magnetic field generator”, of very low frequency and energy. In the same category, if we exclude the given energy, belong the modern Coagulators, and the pulsed- LASERS, which began to return to the field of natural medicine.

Typically, the RARIMI ™ device can be defined as a Shortwave Diathermic device , which produces a deep filtration, as are the original, known, and classic (Spark) Diathermic devices. However the RARIMI ™ device is the technological outcome study, research and comparison, all of the previous experience, combined with the latest technology and scientific knowledge. Its purpose is the safety of both the operator and the patient, while achieving a high performance. Of course, the modern RARIMI ™ device excels by far from the older versions in terms of: safety and performance, with complete lack of side effects and risks.

Papimi TM is far more superior than its predecessors.

Also, the “RARIMI ™” device has been compared with all the equivalent modern devices in Health Restoration Center, at the National Pain Center, the International Pain Research Institute (USA) and many other places in the regions of: Los Angeles, San Diego, Mexico, Canada and Northern Europe. The results showed that it excels immeasurably compared to the aforementioned devices, with results which are 1000 times faster, more impressive and absolutely safe.

The superiority of the RARIMI ™ device is that, the nanopulses are so far, unique in terms of speed, instantaneous power and minimum time duration (one millionth of a second), while the available thermal energy of the nanopulse is practically zero. The nanopulse of the PAPIMI is of minimum length, and as a result heat isn’t produced at all. So, there is no question of heatstroke and thermal harm, while simultaneously the phenomenon of organic synthesis is accelerated because it depends on the bio-activation of internal degrees of freedom of molecules. Also, the nanopulses of the PAPIMI ™ device cause a (Nuclear Bio-Resonance and Bio-Stimulation (e.g. CVS. N.).

The difference of parameters of RARIMI ™, as well as the excellence of the results from their respective devices, theoretically stems from the predominance of these parameters, which are the unique achievement of high requirements and high technology. The choice of these parameters is based on the following theory:

As long as electromagnetic nanopulses have an instantaneous duration and under average power, then the greater the bio-activation of internal degrees of freedom of molecules is (and induced Nuclear Bio-Resonance Bio-Stimulation), which are factors of biosynthesis. Subsequently, the smaller the heat dissipated (bio-agent decomposition), the better the biological effects.

Activation of external degrees of freedom of molecules, expressed as heat and recorded by conventional thermometers. Also, it accelerates: chemical activities, leading to degradation of macromolecules (global warming, thermal decomposition, thermal decomposition, pyrolysis, bulbs, incineration, burning, melting, evaporation, ionization, atomic decay) and finally, decomposition of matter. Furthermore, the thermal capacity to split, is shown by the fact that, with a sufficiently high temperature, eventually all the links of the solids are decomposed leading to the effect of melting. Additionally, all the bonds of the liquid are decomposed as well and we have the phenomenon of evaporation, without any known exception to all bodies and, ultimately, to a high enough temperature, we have the phenomenon of the splitting of matter at the atomic level, or dissolution (status “plasma”)

On the contrary, the bio-activation of internal degrees of freedom of molecules and of p. STS NW. Is not recorded by conventional thermometers, but it accelerates activities that lead to the synthesis of macromolecules, e.g.: The Miller effect, chlorophyll synthesis  biological functions of living matter, cellular, etc.

The energy is distributed among the external degrees of freedom, is generally equal to the heat energy. The bio-energy that is distributed among the internal degrees of freedom and bio-energy of P.VS.VD. Expresses the Bio-Energy of a system. ”

How does PAPIMI work?

The magnetic field (natural magnetic field of the earth, etc.), As opposed to electric or electromagnetic field penetrates freely almost everywhere. Thus, when the coil of the device affects a tissue, its weak magnetic field extends and enters the tissue as if the tissue does not give any resistance.

The incoming magnetic field varies rapidly. It is born and then disappears in no time. From the law of induction of Faraday, we know that a disappearing magnetic field , leaves in place a circular electric field. So deep inside the fabric electric fields are created from percolation and damping of the magnetic field. With other conventional ways, the induced electric fields, would be impossible to penetrate from the outside because the conductive surface of a tissue (by the law of Gauss) is an impenetrable shield known as: “cage Faraday”.

Also, an electromagnetic field does not penetrate deeply into the tissue, due to the known “Skin Effect”.

As a result, the only possible way for the entry of electromagnetic energy to an area of tissue, appears to be the magnetic field; especially the very low frequency energy but high Bioenergy device PAP IMI.



APPLICATIONS of magnitotherapy  (PAPIMI ™ Device)


According to comments from a large number of patients and animals, the Cancer Institute “smear” the Hospital “Agios Savvas”, the b Department of Internal Medicine of the Hospital “Papadimitriou” Melissa in Health Restoration Center, the National Pain Research Institute (U.S.), and _ in many other centers of Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern Mexico, Canada and Europe, proved that the PAP IMI ™ device has a significant degree of therapeutic effects, like those mentioned in the literature:

  1. Sports Injuries.
  2. Arthritis.
  3. Inflammatory cases with or without pain (with disappearance of edema).
  4. Tendonitis.
  5. Musculoskeletal pain.
  6. Sprains.
  7. Faster recovery (about 1/4 of their normal) bone fractures.
  8. Faster healing atonic ulcers, chronic or not.
  9. Faster recovery method burns, scars and related pains.
  10. Stronger draining _ anti-inflammatory agent, for all the swelling _ inflammations.
  11. Lumbago, sciatica, cervical syndromes.
  12. Arthrolyseis.
  13. Pain, inflammation and swelling, tumor etiology.

Notable applications of the PAP IMI ™ device:

  1. The rapid healing of skin lesions (severe sports injuries, abrasions, cuts, burns, etc.).
  2. The rapid healing of bone fractures.
  3. The Fast and effective anti-inflammatory, anti-edematic action almost every case (eg: scleroderma, hemorrhoids, cancer).
  4. Increasing the permeability of the cell membrane, by facilitating the metabolism _ input-output various ions in the cell (oxygen, drug, nutrient delivery to the cell …).
  5. Increase intracellular _ biological activity, toning and rejuvenation of the body.
  6. Nerve tissue regeneration and higher nerve cells.
  7. Intensification and strengthening the immune system.