Scenar Professional

Scenar Professional 


Scenar Professional is an electronic handheld device that stimulates the body with a harmless applying of an electric current through the skin. The control unit of the device applies a bio-energy response, varying the output every few milliseconds. This procedure initiates the release of biological activators. The dynamic bio-energy response has resulted into a remarkably quick healing, allowing the body to heal itself. Moreover, the significant experience of trained professionals, confirms the ability of scenar treatments for relief and pain management, to aid in self-healing of hitherto intractable diseases as well as common diseases of the mind, body and spirit. The scenar treatment can be used autonomously or in combination with other methods. The Scenar expert model is only used by trained health professionals.

The basic operation of the Scenar δεβικες is the implementation of a “dose” οφ electrical pulse (excitation) in the body via an integrated and / or distant electrode in direct contact with the skin surface. These stimuli have been adjusted to mimic the electrical discharges of the nervous system in order to elicit a reaction of the human organism, with maximum efficiency and minimum disruption at the cellular level, depending on the unique requirements of the reporting condition. The action is aimed towards a quick pain relief, by blocking A-fibers and then it aims to adjust the “slow” production of pain by generating C-fibers.

The signal flow, waveforms, signal strength (voltage and current) and frequency, vary in different ways, either by default by the user or automatically by the control circuit of the device. The “dose” may be assigned automatically or manually at the discretion of the user with visual guidance from the available LCD screen.

The main component of the signal is a bipolar pulse , consisting of a negative square wave followed by a positive sawtooth wave, starting and ending at zero and lasting a few microseconds . A number of these pulses can be contained in a separate ” burst” ( intensity) , which may be repeated with a fixed frequency . The individual pulses in these ” bursts ” ( intensity of more than 1 ) can be displayed as (Z = 10 / nearby , to 80 / remote ) to give a concentrated ( deep ) or diffuse ( shallow ) penetration , depending on the local body density or depth of the epicenter of pain.


Alternatively, a single pulse (intensity = 1) can be preselected at a pulse repetition rate οφ (PRP), at a certain frequency range οφ (i.e., F = 15 – 351 Hz). The signal can also be “shaped”.

AM = Off, 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, BEE (amplitude modulation)

FM = Off, On, Swing (frequency modulation)

DMPF = Off, S.K.1, Sk2, Sk3, Sk4, Var.

These “configurations” can be applied separately or jointly.


There is also the possibility of automatically increase or decrease of both the repetition rate (PRP), at a certain frequency range (FM- eg . Με 30 180 Hz to 8 seconds) and the damping factor of the waveform (Dmpf = VAR). These circular functions can still be used separately or together.

The purpose of all these parameters is to equip the user with a comprehensive solution that will stimulate both acute and chronic conditions and prevent the body from adapting to the signal before creating sufficient neuropeptides ( endorphins , Mr. etc. . ) to relieve the pain and create better conditions for the body to bring forth their own healing abilities and move towards homeostasis.

The output power can be adjusted by the operator to be noticeable but comfortable for the patient. It can also be adjusted during implementation if necessary. The maximum output current is 70 mA and the maximum voltage is 180 V, derived from three batteries (AA).


An additional level of ” chaos ” is introduced by a random variation of the pulse width from zero to the peak value so that there can’t be two pulses of similar magnitude. This discourages the adaptation of the human organism . A feedback mechanism is provided by continuously monitoring the impedance of the skin , which changes with time and with the ” dosage” . The incorporation of these parameters allows the calculation and display the rate of change ( current flow ) and the coefficient of waveform relative to the starting point.


The scenar devices adhere to the logic that the maximum dosage required for changing the result is the most appropriate. This is further promoted by focusing on the increase of information and not to the content of energy, thus minimizing the activation of bodily retaliation and adjustment mechanisms .

Pain Management


Over 30% of the adult population suffers from diseases that often cause pain.


Approximately 10% of these illnesses are so severe that patients take daily medication  without any prospect of a cure.


Common diseases leading to complaints of pain are:


* Pain during movements

* Pain in the joints

* Pain in the neck and shoulders

* Backache

* Neuralgia


By applying the Scenar method, a permanent improvement is noticed in more than half of the cases. The equipment operates with Ritmscenar logic biofeedback, directly to the reactions of the nervous system, by training the body to heal the cause of pain.


Injury rehabilitation


An injury can be acute and the part of the rehabilitation can present particular delays. By using the Scenar method for acute injuries, complications such as swelling and pain are treated promptly and effectively and accelerate the recovery, sometimes up to 70% faster.


If the pain is chronic, the probability of permanent restoration is usually reduced. The Scenar method is unique for chronic damage and leads to more than half of the cases in continuous improvement until a complete recovery of functionality is achieved.


Common injuries in which the Scenar method can be applied with success are:


* Stillness shoulder

* Bursitis

* Cervical discomfort

* Infection in the periosteum

* Contamination of the Achilles tendon

* Bending

* Tennis Elbow


* Whiplash


Chronic Nuisances


When a type of disturbance continues for more than 3 to 6 months then it is called as chronic. The body, in this period, tried to cure discomfort, possibly with the help of therapy and medication, which, however, was not achieved to the desired result.


After this effort, the body gradually accepts this situation. During temporary reduction of variables that cause these troubles, we had a corresponding drop in the past, but as the external pressure increases, eg. Stress factors or dieting, symptoms return in full force.


Common chronic diseases are:


* Pain and restrictions on movement

* Discomfort in the neck and shoulders

* Neuralgia

* Fibromyalgia

* Whiplash

* Migraine

* Wheezing bronchitis


By applying the method Ritmscenar, the neurological aspects of a chronic disease are detected. The unique feature of the method is that Ritmscenar protocols allow direct, controlled treatment of neurological deviations.